The quarries

Direct management of aggregates from their extraction , selection and storage.

All our quarries have got from certification authority N. 1305, the conformity label 89/106/CEE (CPD) for standards: EN 12620:2002; EN 13043:2002; EN 13139:2002.
Such a valued recognition, together with our autonomous production processes, allow a continuous and constant prduction, ensuring at the same time an high and controlled quality standards. We can deliver "just in time", giving our customers the freedom not to store high amounts of materials.
Packaging plants are fully automatic, and technologically state-of-the-art: double weighing and packing lines ensure constant quality.
Storing is easy and sure with total protection form rain and bad weather.

Extraction/production plants

For Montipò building is not only a professional mission, is a way of life.

Via Case Sparse, 14
Zona Cristo
10151 Alessandria
Località Cascina Costanza
Briona (NO)
Tel: (+39) 346.698.8355
Regione Tavolera 6
Palazzo Canavese (TO)
Tel: (+39) 0125.568.935
Fax: (+39) 0125.579.906


Realizations with Montipò quarries products

Mortars and pre-measured