Pre-mixed for screeds


Flooring concrete .

PAV id specifically designed to pour floor slabs. Its composition:
- Portland concrete 32,5 R
- sand (max. diameter 0/5 mm)
Easy and quick to prepare with the simple addition of water and offering an adequate gripping time, it comes in practical 25 Kg bags (according to D.M. 626, 1994 "movimentazione dei carichi in cantiere"), mechanically dosed with each component separated by a polyethylene divide.

PAV is strongly recommended for both internal and external floor pourings, as a background for wooden parquets, tiles and all sorts of floorings.

How to use

Using PAV is extremely easy: mix into a fluid paste sand and binders with the sole addition of water (approx. 1,5/2 liters for a bag) until reach of the desired humidity of the paste.

Mixing can be done in the following ways:
a) with a dodger
b) mixer

Paste mixing should last at least 3/4 minutes (or until reaching an omogeneous mould): this would allow a correct use of MALTAMIX. The correct mixing would return a humid product.

Tech specs

Fresh volumic mass :   Kg/mc 2,000
Allowed thickness :   4 to 8 cm
Allowed temp. range :   + 5° C / + 30° C
Resistance to compression (after 7 days):   11 N/mmq
Resistance to compression (after 28 days):   20 N/mmq
Bag:   double-comparted polyethylene sac Kg 25
Original bag storage :   6 months in a dry and covered place

1 sqm. average tickness 6 cm with 3 sacs of PAV

Advice for a correct use

Do not separate bag contents to preparare portions of product in different times: all bag must be prepared and used at once. This will avoid mixtures with different mixture ratios.

Do not add further sands, aggregates and/or gravels to the paste. Residual water after 48 hours is about 2,5%. In any case we suggest testing slab humidity before flooring. An open bag of PAV can be stored for a very limited period.

Mortars and pre-measured