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Since over half a century we write house with an emphasis

Today´s reality of Montipò, after the birth in 2009 of Montipò Trading S.r.l., has been possible thanks to a merge and strenghtening of all branches born since 1960 and ever since conducted by Montipò family members.
The Group core businesses, both in Italy and abroad, span from estate trading, quarries management and exploitation and, last but not least, residential and commercial buildings construction: Montipò takes authentic pride in building shopping malls. Montipò mantain their traditions meanwhile looking towards the future: that´s the reason why Montipò means trust, soundness and success.
Montipò Group get their strength and dynamics from their experience to leap into future days: bioconstruction, energy saving certifications, sustainable architecture are just some of the challenges already taken, with an everlasting passion and craving to reach highest standards.
Those who choose Montipò know they can count on a highly reliable, complete and efficient structure in all aspects of building, from paper to concrete.

Residenze Torreverde

A new way of thinking home

In building Torrion Quartara (NO) residential complex Montipò joined their best experience, coming form over 50 years of building, with the most reent technologies in order to put a special accent on Residenze Torreverde too.
Based upon active housing principles, the project of Montipò Trading S.r.l. for Residenze Torreverde mixed energy-saving and eco-friendly advices with a living model of absolute prestige, with aim to a precise goal: creating a residential area in Torrion Quartara, very close to the centre of Novara, made of 30 modernly styled villas and 2 nice small condos. All this according to the traditional philosophy of who who made of good building not only a professional mission but a way of life.
All 30 villas of Residenze Torreverde, located just five minutes outside Novara, are in fact conceived and built to be safer, stylish both to the outside and to the inside and with a beating heart offering high living standards and energy saving: each comes with its own yard and a large plot of green, just outside the complex, is destined to a public lawn with child play areas and meeting points.
Entering main gates of Residenze Torreverde therefore means entering a closed park, away from the intrusions of modern frenzy to live your home in peace and tranquility and in the maximum relaxation, for the present but also for the future, since buying a villa in Residenze Torreverde is also an economic investment that lasts and makes in time, with the additional guarantee of the name Montipò.
The profile of the villas, authentic protagonists of the architectural project, attracts for the refinement of shapes that resonate with modern, stylistic, not trivial choices, and allows the opportunity to describe large indoor spaces, suitable for every need, with spectacular light cuts and original aesthetic choices.
The energy efficiency class A was achieved without any compromise, choosing the technologies and the most advanced materials in energy management and in eco . Each villa has photovoltaic plant dedicated to the production of electricity; the outer walls are made of heat-insulating brick blocks ; space heating is via a radiant floor last generation , which allows energy savings of at least 10 % compared to conventional heating systems . All proposed solutions already in contract basis reflect and give substance to the idea that a villa of Residenze Torreverde must not only be beautiful but also efficient, so as to contain the highest level management costs. Each has been conceived, designed and built to meet the directives of Class A certification for energy efficiency.


Living in Residences Torreverde: a design choice

Choice emphasized by the initiative of considerable interest, not at all usual in the real estate landscape of Novara, conceived by Montipò Trading to offer the public in an appropriate way according to the prestige of the residential complex, considered a sort of pride: designalquadrato. This option, available on request, provides each type of villa with a tailored, real project of exclusive furniture, the drafting of which has been entrusted to the experience and taste of Guidetti Arredamenti. This is not a mere exercise in style: designalquadrato enriches each villa with a real furnishing project, operating and designed to exalt the splendor of a prestigious, modern and functional house.
To enjoy all this you do not need to move hundreds of kilometers from Novara: the position of the quiet hamlet of Torrion Quartara is such to allow access to the center quickly and easily, in just a few minutes; on the main road link it is also placed a junction of the ring road that distributes traffic between the city and the most important arterial roads (A4 motorway and all state roads exiting the City); the location is prestigious, within the perimeter of the Parco della Battaglia, the area subjected to the most severe landscape and construction prescriptions.
Residenze Torreverde respond to new and current concept of living: and once again put the emphasis on Montipò House.


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